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In 1978, Brian Smith arrived in Southern California with a sack of sheepskin boots and trust. He became hopelessly enamored with the sheepskin experience and was persuaded the world would one day impart this adoration. The shorelines of Southern California had long been an epicenter of a loose, easy way of life, a way of life that Brian felt was an impeccable fit for his brand. So he established the UGG brand, started offering his sheepskin boots and they were a prompt sensation. By the mid 1980’s, the UGG brand turned into an image of loose southern California society, picking up force through surf shops and different shops here and there the bank of California, from San Diego to Santa Cruz. UGG boots arrived at past the shoreline, appearing in enormous urban areas and residential communities everywhere, and in every level of society. Young ladies wore their surfer sweetheart’s pair of UGG boots like a letterman coat. At the point when winter tagged along, UGG boots were in ski shops and were seen in hotels from Mammoth to Aspen.

The UGG brand started to symbolize the individuals who grasped game and a loose, dynamic way of life. More than that, an enthusiastic association and a genuine feeling of affection started to develop for UGG boots, generally as Brian had imagined. Individuals didn’t much the same as wearing UGG boots, they experienced passionate feelings for them and truly couldn’t take them off. Before the end of the 90’s, big names and those in the manner world paid heed to the UGG brand. A social movement happened too – individuals were grasping, and feeling engaged, by carrying on with a more easy way of life and UGG turned into one of the images of this way of life. By 2000, an adoration that started on the shorelines had turned into a symbol of cool style. It was at this point that the affection for UGG developed in the east, over the Rockies and in Chicago. In 2000, UGG Sheepskin boots were initially emphasized on Oprah’s Favorite ThingsĀ® and Oprah insistently pronounced that she “LOOOOOVES her UGG boots.” From that point on, the world started to take note



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